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Valve Actuation
Colonial offers pneumatic or electric actuated True Union Ball Valves and Butterfly Valves.
Mounting Kits, Valves, Actuators and Accessories can be sold separately, or as complete, tested assemblies.

Colonial offers corrosion-resistant technopolymer actuators and coated cast aluminum actuators. Actuators are sized to fit Colonial Full Block TUBVs in sizes ranging from 1/2 - 4", and Butterfly Valves ranging from 2” to 12”.

Why use valve actuation?

  • The use of actuated valves will allow for greater productivity.
  • Provide greater safety and convenience of operation for valves underground, overhead, in remote locations, or in hazardous environments.
  • Aid in precision valve timing for critical operation of automated systems.

Valbia/Bonomi Electric Actuators
Electric actuators use an electric motor to produce torque to operate a valve. There are many control accessories available for electric actuators such as: limit switches to activate lights or other small electric devices; positioners to precisely position the valve; fail-safe boards to allow operation in case of loss-of-power; position retransmitters to give an electric signal feedback of valve position; heaters to minimize the accumulation of moisture; and relay boards to control external devices.
>Valbia/Bonomi Electric Specifications

Pneumatic Actuators
Pneumatic actuators use air to operate a cylinder that produces torque to operate a valve. A solenoid valve is also necessary to control the flow of air into and out of the actuator. Pneumatic actuators are available in a double-acting (air-to-air) model which requires air to operate the valve in both directions.

They are also available in a spring-return (air-to-spring) model which uses air to operate the valve in one direction and springs to operate the valve in the other direction (for a fail-safe type application where a fail-closed or fail-open situation is necessary).

Some of the control accessories available for pneumatic actuators are: limit switches to control lights or other small electric devices; position indicators to show valve position; and electric or pneumatic positioners to precisely position the valve.
>Max-Air Technopolymer (Plastic) Specifications
>Max-Air Aluminum Specifications
>Valbia/Bonomi Pneumatic Specifications

How do I size it?
 >Reference Chart to Size Colonial True Union Ball Valves and Butterfly Valves For Actuation

>Mounting Kit for Full Block TUBV

>Standard Stem Coupling Dimensions for 1/2"-2" Full Block TUBV

>Submittal for 3" & 4” Actuator Mounting Bracket
>Installation Sheet For 3" & 4" Actuator Mounting Bracket
>K11033 Stem Coupling Dimensions

>411ND Direct Mount Butterfly Valves

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