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List Price Sheet

Valve List Price Sheet VPS-25 (Supersedes VPS-24), effective March 26, 2015,
is available for download in PDF and Excel Format below.

(9-1-16 Update)

VPS-25 Excel
PVC/CPVC Sch 80 Unions Excel
(9-1-16 Update)

Overview of changes made in the 9/1/16 update of price sheet VPS-25:

  1. All Industrial Full Block Series TUBV (Page 4) and Super C Compact Valves(Page 7) in PVC & CPVC are now certified to NSF/ANSI 61 and 372
  2. NEW   Industrial TUBV PVC with Silicone o-rings for use with sodium Permanganate in wastewater treatment systems.  Sold in - 1” sizes for dosing systems, page 4
  3. O-ring Kits for 131W SUBV, and 801 TUBV, page 7
  4. NEW 411SV Butterfly Shut Off Valve for Surge Tanks (Commercial Swimming Pool/Aquatics) 8 – 12”, page 13
  5. BFV Contractor Kits are now available in 2-1/2” size, page 15
  6. NEW Wafer Check valves – sold separately and in Contractor Kits with flanges and bolt set, page 16
  7. The following ball valves have been discontinued:  V14561N, V27561N, V30561N, V40561N, V08131W

Note: Slo-Close Ball Valves are on a separate List Price Sheet – see VPSC-6.

Price Sheet for Slo-Close Ball Valve VPSC-6 (PDF) (9-1-16 Update)
Effective March 26, 2015

Note:  Price change limited to select 3” size Slo-Close Valves.  Content of VPS-6 is included in the Excel sheet for VPS-25

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